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Hot Property News: Property Investment – An Overview

Valuable Advice And Support From Those ‘In The Know’

Hot Property News: Consider Alternative Property Investments

Do so many of us stick with residential investments because we feel at home with them?

Hot Property News: The Value Of Ground Rents

Insider Secrets: Auctioneers’ Knowledge Tips & Hints From The Pro’s

Hot Property News: How to save costs with surveys

This is always a problem. Lenders need surveys before they’ll commit and you’re never sure that you’ll be the lucky purchaser on the day.

How To Improve The Sale Price of Property

I have just sold a property (actually back through auction, but that’s a long story) and have come into some cash, which I now wish to plough into improving my other properties, to add value, ready for sale.

Hot Property News: Turning Cost Into Profit

Throwing money at property may seem like a surefire way of increasing value and making a quick sale.

Why So Many Cash Property Buyers?

Caveat Emptor. What percentage of houses in the UK are bought with cash?

10 Compelling Benefits Of Commercial Property

It would be wrong to suggest that commercial property doesn’t have its disadvantages and drawbacks, but there are also many benefits to owning this kind of investment asset. What follows are 10 ways in which you can benefit from investing in commercial property.

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