Everything You Could Ever Need To Make A Killing At Auction | What to Ask at The Auction

Buyer Beware! Ask the Right Questions at Auction…

Everything You Could Ever Need To Make A Killing At Auction | Understanding the Auction Catalogue and Special Terms

In the majority of auctions it is necessary to buy a catalogue – think of it as the admission charge.

Everything You Could Ever Need To Make A Killing At Auction | Why People Sell At Auctions

“One Man’s Loss is Another’s Gain so Now’s The Time to Grab a Great Deal at Auction”

Everything You Could Ever Need to Make a Killing at Auction | Introduction

There Are Many Ways to Make or Save Money From Auctions, But One is Virtually Guaranteed…

Selling Strategies – High Profit or High Volume?

You've probably heard the story about the guy selling pencils on the street. A kind-hearted passer by approaches and asks how much a pen costs and he says, '£100.' The questioner is stunned and says, 'You’re not going to sell many pencil at that price!' and the guy replies, 'Yeah, but I only have to sell one a day to meet my daily quota!'

Intuition Can Help Your Business

You have probably seen a product become extremely popular and thought to yourself: 'Of course, I knew it was going to be in great demand.

The Fun Factor of Online Selling

To be a successful online retailer it is essential that you put some fun and excitement into your customers' shopping experience.

Sell the Benefits to Sell the Product

When you are a seller of products, it is very easy to forget that while you are interested in selling those products, your customers are interested in buying solutions.

The Psychology Of Writing Compelling Sales Copy

While you may not need a PhD in psychology to write sales copy, it helps to take a lesson or two from the study of human behaviour to get the maximum value from your writing.

Tips on How To Write Killer Adverts and Maximise Profits

As an online retailer you have many advantages. You can offer your products 24/7 without the staffing cost, you do not pay for bricks and mortar overhead, your audience can be global, and you can know more about your purchasers than any bricks and mortar retailer can possibly discover. That is wonderful and you probably know a lot about how to exploit those benefits already.



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