How to spot a fake £1 coin

Counterfeit £1 coins now make up 3% of all the £1 coins in circulation. Here's how to spot a fake.

Track down lost money: shares, a policy or inheritance

Billions are sitting in dormant bank and building society accounts waiting to be claimed.

Are you are in line for share of £20bn?

An astonishing £20bn in lost funds, investments, savings and pensions are languishing with financial companies, waiting to be reclaimed by their rightful owners.


What work can a certificated bailiff do?

Taking Great Pictures for Better On Line Auction Sales

If you want to get the most for your items when selling them, give your photographs the attention they deserve and you will find decent returns on your efforts.

What to do if a cash machine overpays?

You might think if a cash machine malfunctions then it is tough on the banks but a windfall for the customer.

Transport for London Lost Property

Almost 200,000 items were handed in over the last financial year - an increase of nearly 15,000 items from the previous year.

How to complain about a Bailiff in Respect of Disress for Rent Act

A certificated bailiff is a bailiff certificated in the County Court under the Distress for Rent Rules 1988.

Your consumer rights Internet, mail order and telephone shopping

More people in the UK are choosing to shop from home, so it’s important to know how to buy things safely.

How to make a living will

You can use an advance decision (also called advance directive) to indicate your wish to refuse all or some forms of medical treatment if you lose mental capacity in the future.



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