33 Ways to Make Money With a Digitial Camera


Selling at Car Boot Sales

Need some extra cash? The car boot sale is a great way of emptying the contents of your loft or garage, and raising some funds for your collection. Follow our top tips on having your own car boot sale.

How to Write Killer Classified Ads

You can sell your auction buys easily, profitably and quickly - just advertise them for sale in the classified ads' section of newspapers and magazines!

Buying at Architectural Salvage Yards

Braving architectural salvage yards requires strength, but they rarely fail to unearth surprises.

America’s Rocket Man Pioneers Out-Of-The-World Land Claim

Peter Diamandis says. Last month, Diamandis and fellow space entrepreneur Eric Anderson pushed the launch button on the idea - announcing a new company, Planetary Resources Inc, which plans to send robots to space to mine asteroids for precious metals.

Cut Your Bills With ‘Extreme Couponing’

There is a reality TV show in America called Extreme Couponing, which makes for fairly addictive viewing.

The Cambridge Satchel Company | In 2006, chartered accountant Julie Deane, 44, had a problem.

“When my children went to school I wanted to buy them a traditional satchel, like the type I had when I was young. But I couldn’t find any.”

What Kiss’s Fire-Breathing, Blood-Spitting Frontman Gene Simmons Can Teach Business

London Business School seems to think so. Recently it invited the fire-breathing, blood-spitting Kiss frontman to lecture MBA students on how to build a $1bn brand, selling everything from condoms to coffins (“we’ll get you coming and we’ll get you going”) - while finding time to sleep with 4,800 groupies.

Most valuable collectables likely to be found in the nation's attics

According to a recent survey a large proportion of the nation could be sitting on a goldmine.   For example nearly one fifth of Britons own a painting worth over £500 or that 15 percent of households have antique furniture worth over £500.

How storage auctions work in the UK

TV shows like Storage Hunters and Storage Wars are popularising the idea that you can make big money from buying at this type of auction.   



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