The Secret Auctioneer: Guide Price Notes

Queries over the subject of auctioneers' guidelines constantly comes up from readers of GAUK, and I felt I perhaps ought to re-address the subject.

Sniping on On Line Auctions

Sniping is the term used for bidding on an item just before the auction closes.  

The hidden secrets of eBay auctions

The giant online auction site eBay may seem a relatively simple beast. Yet beneath the shiny shop front there are a host of hidden secrets enabling you to pay less.

Collectible Scotch is fetching thousands of pounds at auction.

What makes a collectible whisky?

Collecting Posters

By the end of the 19th century the possibilities for poster designs were much improved by the process of colour lithography and artistic posters began to flourish in the 1890’s. 

QuickTips :: Importing to the UK

Buying goods and bringing them into the UK from other countries involves working with government agencies and conforming to regulations.

Local Authorities/Parliamentary Constituencies in England and Wales.

Local Authorities/ Parliamentary Constituencies in England and  Wales, Electoral Registration Officers and Acting Returning  Officers Address List

How to claim hidden treasure are you in line to claim a fortune

Have you ever thought what you would do if you discovered hidden away money which is rightfully yours but you knew nothing about?

The End Of Cash?

Canada has abolished the penny; Sweden is almost entirely cash-free. Are we heading for a future with no notes or coins? And does it matter?

Property Auctions in London

Property Auctions in London; Finding Bargains in a Highly Competitive UK Market



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