What is probate?

'Probate' is a term commonly used when talking about applying for the right to deal with a deceased person's affairs.

Wind Power 10 Myths Explained

UK wind farms have not been associated with any major adverse effects on birds. ... or have they?

Surplus and ex Ministry of Defence goods and equipment Disposal

The majority of surplus and ex Ministry of Defence goods are sold under the Disposal Services Authority.

Fascinating Way to Enjoy Woodland

Woodland might not seem the most obvious form of land for someone to purchase but you would be surprised.

About Woodland Burials

Death might be considered a grim subject, people's attitudes are changing with more and more options to make funerals more poignant and individual through woodland burials.

100 Ways to Save £1000'S

Here's heaps of ways to help you count - and cut - the cost of living.

How to spot a fake £1 coin

Counterfeit £1 coins now make up 3% of all the £1 coins in circulation. Here's how to spot a fake.

Track down lost money: shares, a policy or inheritance

Billions are sitting in dormant bank and building society accounts waiting to be claimed.

Are you are in line for share of £20bn?

An astonishing £20bn in lost funds, investments, savings and pensions are languishing with financial companies, waiting to be reclaimed by their rightful owners.


What work can a certificated bailiff do?



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