Glossary of Condition at Toy Auctions

A glossary of esential terms used at Toy Auctions

Glossary of Insolvency Terms

Definitions of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Terms and Expressions for England and Wales

Glossary of Auction Terms

These terms are used in in various auction houses. Be sure to get familier with them to avoid costly mistakes

Buy Government Assets Through the Disposal Services Authority (DSA)

When Gordon Brown, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, made his first budget speech back in 1997 he announced that as part of the New Labour government's strategy for increasing revenue without increasing tax a vast array of redundant government-owned assets would be sold.

Are You Due a Family Fortune?

The Treasury swallows £10bn every year from unclaimed estates and some of it could be yours. We investigate how teams of heir hunters track down the owners of this money...

A Guide to CD Pirates Copies and Bootlegs

With the sheer amount of CDs for sale on eBay there are always bound to be a fair few which are not what the inexperienced buyer is expecting.

About The Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA)

The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 is a piece of legalisation which gives officers the power to seize cash and recover cars, houses and other assets from criminals.

Auctions under the Proceeds of Crime Act

Under the Proceeds of Crime Act goods of criminals are seized and sold to raise funds

How to Beat the Bailiffs

Some debt collection agencies will threaten to send somebody to your home unless you pay. These are not bailiffs and they have no legal power so you can ignore them. If they threaten you call the police.

What's The Difference Between Items Sold 'As Seen' and 'With Warranty'?

Items Sold 'As Seen' and 'With Warranty' At auctions items fall into two distinct groupings.



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